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When you hear the word navigation, do you also feel the breath of the romantic past? The conquerors of the Sea, such as the Phoenicians, Chinese or Vikings knew how to orientate in vast oceans, were able to lead their ships to their harbors, simply, they knew how to navigate.

Nowadays it is not just a few ships. Millions of people travel every day to distant places, our “vessels” sail not only the seas but also ride on the highways and fly in the sky. If only their small percentage did not reach their places of destination in time, it could cause great financial losses. If we did not know the position of our vehicles, we would risk what is the most precious – human lives. Our demands on navigation, on its accuracy and reliability are rapidly growing.

That is why navigation systems utilize the latest theoretical knowledge of physics and mathematics and therefore use the most advanced technologies. That is why we must monitor their latest developments. A very efficient way how to do it is to meet in person.

We are planning to organize such a meeting in Prague in October next year. In Prague, because that is where navigation systems are researched, where we teach about these systems at universities, where such systems are made and used. We cordially invite you to this meeting. We invite you to meet navigation, its theories and applications; we invite you to the hospitable city of Prague, full of historic treasures, music and arts.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

František Vejražka
Congress Chair